Population polarization dynamics and next-generation social media algorithms

  title={Population polarization dynamics and next-generation social media algorithms},
  author={Nicola F. Johnson and Pedro Vi{\~n}a Manrique and Minzhang Zheng and Zhanqi Cao and Juan Carlos Restrepo Botero and Shouting Huang and Nima Aden and Changyue Song and J. Leady and Natalie Velasquez and Elvira Restrepo},
We present a many-body theory that explains and reproduces recent observations of population polarization dynamics, is supported by controlled human experiments, and addresses the controversy surrounding the Internet's impact. It predicts that whether and how a population becomes polarized is dictated by the nature of the underlying competition, rather than the validity of the information that individuals receive or their online bubbles. Building on this framework, we show that next-generation… CONTINUE READING

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