Population pharmacokinetics of tenofovir in AIDS patients.

  title={Population pharmacokinetics of tenofovir in AIDS patients.},
  author={Marie-Claude Gagnieu and Mirna El Barkil and Jean-Michel Livrozet and Laurent Cotte and Patrick Miailhes and Andr{\'e} Boibieux and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Guitton and Michel Tod},
  journal={Journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={48 11},
The interindividual variability of tenofovir pharmacokinetics in HIV+ patients is quite large, but the sources of variability are incompletely understood. Intraindividual variability has not been characterized, although it may have an impact on efficacy and therapeutic drug monitoring. The aims of the study were to estimate intraindividual variability of tenofovir clearance and to assess interactions with associated antiviral drugs. Tenofovir concentrations (median 2; range, 1-5) were measured… CONTINUE READING