Population movement and sudden cardiac arrest location.

  title={Population movement and sudden cardiac arrest location.},
  author={Eloi Marijon and Wulfran Bougouin and Muriel Tafflet and Nicole Karam and Daniel Jost and Lionel Lamhaut and Frankie Beganton and Patricia Pelloux and Herv{\'e} Degrange and Guillaume B{\'e}al and Jean Pierre Tourtier and Albert Hagege and Jean-Yves le Heuzey and M. Yves-Louis Desnos and Florence Dumas and Christian Spaulding and David Stephen Celermajer and Alain Cariou and Xavier P Jouven},
  volume={131 18},
BACKGROUND Although the benefits of automatic external defibrillators are undeniable, their effectiveness could be dramatically improved. One of the key issues is the disparity between the locations of automatic external defibrillators and sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs). METHODS AND RESULTS From emergency medical services and other Parisian agencies, data on all SCAs occurring in public places in Paris, France, were prospectively collected between 2000 and 2010 and recorded using 2020 grid… CONTINUE READING