Population genomics of the Viking world

  title={Population genomics of the Viking world},
  author={A. Margaryan and D. Lawson and M. Sikora and Fernando Racimo and S. Rasmussen and I. Moltke and L. Cassidy and Emil J{\o}rsboe and Andr{\'e}s Ingason and M. Pedersen and T. Korneliussen and Helene Wilhelmson and Magdalena M. Buś and Peter de Barros Damgaard and R. Martiniano and Gabriel Renaud and C. Bh{\'e}rer and J. V. Moreno-Mayar and Anna K. Fotakis and M. Allen and M. Molak and E. Cappellini and Gabriele Scorrano and A. Buzhilova and Allison Fox and A. Albrechtsen and Berit Sch{\"u}tz and B. Sk{\aa}r and Caroline Arcini and C. Falys and Charlotte Hedenstierna Jonson and D. Błaszczyk and Denis V. Pezhemsky and G. Turner-Walker and Hildur Gestsd{\'o}ttir and Inge Lundstr{\o}m and Ingrid Gustin and I. Mainland and I. Potekhina and I. Muntoni and J. Cheng and Jesper Stenderup and Jilong Ma and Julie Gibson and J{\"u}ri Peets and J. Gustafsson and Katrine D. Iversen and L. Simpson and Lisa Strand and L. Loe and M. Florek and M. Vretemark and M. Redknap. and Monika Bajka and T. Pushkina and Morten S{\o}vs{\o} and N. Grigoreva and Tom Christensen and O. Kastholm and O. Uldum and Pasquale Favia and P. Holck and Raili Allm{\"a}e and Sabine Sten and S. Arge and Sturla Ellingv{\aa}g and V. Moiseyev and W. Bogdanowicz and Yvonne Magnusson and L. Orlando and D. Bradley and M. J{\o}rkov and J. Arneborg and N. Lynnerup and N. Price and M. Gilbert and M. Allentoft and J. Bill and S. Sindb{\ae}k and L. Hedeager and K. Kristiansen and R. Nielsen and T. Werge and E. Willerslev},
  • A. Margaryan, D. Lawson, +82 authors E. Willerslev
  • Published 2019
  • Geography, Biology
  • bioRxiv
  • The Viking maritime expansion from Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) marks one of the swiftest and most far-flung cultural transformations in global history. During this time (c. 750 to 1050 CE), the Vikings reached most of western Eurasia, Greenland, and North America, and left a cultural legacy that persists till today. To understand the genetic structure and influence of the Viking expansion, we sequenced the genomes of 442 ancient humans from across Europe and Greenland ranging from… CONTINUE READING
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