Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia

  title={Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia},
  author={M. Allentoft and M. Sikora and Karl-G{\"o}ran Sj{\"o}gren and S. Rasmussen and M. Rasmussen and Jesper Stenderup and P. Damgaard and H. Schroeder and Torbj{\"o}rn Ahlstr{\"o}m and L. Vinner and Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas and A. Margaryan and T. Higham and David Chivall and N. Lynnerup and L. Harvig and J. Baron and P. D. Casa and P. Dąbrowski and P. Duffy and A. Ebel and A. Epimakhov and K. Frei and M. Furmanek and T. Gralak and A. Gromov and S. Gronkiewicz and G. Grupe and T. Hajdu and Radosław Jarysz and Valeri Khartanovich and A. Khokhlov and Vikt{\'o}ria Kiss and J. Kol{\'a}r and Aivar Kriiska and Irena Lasak and Cristina Longhi and George McGlynn and A. Merkevi{\vc}ius and Inga Merkytė and M. Metspalu and R. Mkrtchyan and V. Moiseyev and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Paja and Gy{\"o}rgy P{\'a}lfi and Dalia D. Pokutta and Łukasz Pospieszny and T. Price and Lehti Saag and M. Sablin and N. I. Shishlina and V. Smr{\vc}ka and V. Soenov and Vajk Szever{\'e}nyi and G. Toth and S. V. Trifanova and Liivi Varul and M. Vicze and L. Yepiskoposyan and V. Zhitenev and L. Orlando and T. Sicheritz-Pont{\'e}n and S. Brunak and R. Nielsen and K. Kristiansen and E. Willerslev},
  • M. Allentoft, M. Sikora, +63 authors E. Willerslev
  • Published 2015
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Nature
  • The Bronze Age of Eurasia (around 3000–1000 BC) was a period of major cultural changes. [...] Key Method We investigated this by using new, improved methods to sequence low-coverage genomes from 101 ancient humans from across Eurasia. We show that the Bronze Age was a highly dynamic period involving large-scale population migrations and replacements, responsible for shaping major parts of present-day demographic structure in both Europe and Asia. Our findings are consistent with the hypothesized spread of Indo…Expand Abstract

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