Population genetics of the Malmö polymorphism of coagulation factor IX.


The distribution of 1,198 Malmö alleles was examined in 822 men from 16 indigenous populations and 188 women from 7 of the ethnic groups. Subjects were from several European countries, the Mediterranean, East Asia, and the USA (Anglo- and African-Americans). The frequencies of the rarer (Malmö B) allele were approximately equal across Europe, the highest… (More)


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@article{Wallmark1991PopulationGO, title={Population genetics of the Malm{\"o} polymorphism of coagulation factor IX.}, author={Anders Wallmark and Gerhard Kunkel and H Mouhli and John Bosco and R. Ljung and Ingmarie Nilsson and Jeffrey Graham}, journal={Human heredity}, year={1991}, volume={41 6}, pages={391-6} }