Population genetic data for 17 Y STR markers from Benghazi (East Libya).


The seventeen Y-STR loci included in the AmpFℓSTR(®) Yfiler™ PCR Amplification kit (DYS19, DYS389I, DYS389II, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393, DYS385a/b, DYS438, DYS439, DYS437, DYS448, DYS458, DYS456, DYS635, and Y-GATA-H4) were used to type a sample population of 238 males from eastern Libya (Benghazi region). Of 238 observed haplotypes, 214 were unique… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.fsigen.2011.05.001