[Population-demographic structure in the Kurskaya district. Isolation by distance].


The population of the Kurskaya oblast (administrative region) was described using the Malecot's model of isolation by distance. Differences in inbreeding level between populations of raions (districts) were found; the differences were determined by degrees of urbanization, age, and effective size of the populations. In the center of the oblast, an area was found with the minimum mean square distance between birthplaces of spouses, low effective migration pressure, and high isolation by distance. In populations of raions, a relationship was found between population inbreeding level and incidences of congenital malformations (CM) and multiple congenital malformations (MCM), which affected the viability of infants.

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@article{Ivanov1997PopulationdemographicSI, title={[Population-demographic structure in the Kurskaya district. Isolation by distance].}, author={Vladimir P. Ivanov and Mikhail I Churnosov and A I Kirlenko}, journal={Genetika}, year={1997}, volume={33 3}, pages={381-6} }