Population consequences of cadmium toxicity in soil microarthropods.

  title={Population consequences of cadmium toxicity in soil microarthropods.},
  author={Nico M van Straalen and J H Schobben and R G de Goede},
  journal={Ecotoxicology and environmental safety},
  volume={17 2},
Chronic toxicity experiments were performed using the collembolan Orchesella cincta (L.) and the oribatid mite Platynothrus peltifer (Koch), which were exposed to various levels of cadmium in the food (green algae). Experimental results were combined with life-history information to obtain realistic estimates of the intrinsic rate of population increase and its sensitivity to Cd stress. Chronic LC50 values for dietary exposure to Cd were estimated as 1.60 mumol/g for O. cincta and 3.18 mumol/g… CONTINUE READING