Population Structure of Anopheles gambiae in Africa.

  title={Population Structure of Anopheles gambiae in Africa.},
  author={Tovi Lehmann and Monica Licht and Nohal Elissa and B T A Maega and John Chimumbwa and F T Watsenga and Charles S Wondji and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Simard and William A. Hawley},
  journal={The Journal of heredity},
  volume={94 2},
The population structure of Anopheles gambiae in Africa was studied using 11 microsatellite loci in 16 samples from 10 countries. All loci are located outside polymorphic inversions. Heterogeneity among loci was detected and two putative outlier loci were removed from analyses aimed at capturing genome-wide patterns. Two main divisions of the gene pool were separated by high differentiation (F(ST) > 0.1). The northwestern (NW) division included populations from Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon… CONTINUE READING