Population Structure in the Mediterranean Basin: A Y Chromosome Perspective

  title={Population Structure in the Mediterranean Basin: A Y Chromosome Perspective},
  author={C. Capelli and N. Redhead and Vittorio Romano and F. Cal{\`i} and G. Lefranc and V. Delague and A. M{\'e}garban{\'e} and A. E. Felice and V. Pascali and P. Neophytou and Z. Poulli and A. Novelletto and P. Malaspina and L. Terrenato and A. Berebbi and M. Fellous and Mark George Thomas and D. Goldstein},
  journal={Annals of Human Genetics},
  • C. Capelli, N. Redhead, +15 authors D. Goldstein
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annals of Human Genetics
  • The Mediterranean region has been characterised by a number of pre-historical and historical demographic events whose legacy on the current genetic landscape is still a matter of debate. [...] Key Method In order to investigate the degree of population structure across the Mediterranean, we have investigated Y chromosome variation in a large dataset of Mediterranean populations, 11 of which are first described here. Our analyses identify four main clusters in the Mediterranean that can be labelled as North…Expand Abstract

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