Popular Protest Music and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

  title={Popular Protest Music and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution},
  author={Anastasia Valassopoulos and Dalia Said Mostafa},
  journal={Popular Music and Society},
  pages={638 - 659}
Music and performance have been at the heart of the ongoing Egyptian revolution since its outbreak on January 25, 2011. In this paper, we argue that popular protest music in particular has helped to shape and articulate emerging desires and aspirations as well as participating in criticisms and grievances at the site of political change. We aim to demonstrate, through the analysis of popular protest songs, how the 2011 Egyptian revolution has been imagined, articulated, and defined in popular… Expand
Voicing Change. The Popular Subject of Protest Music in Revolutionary Cairo (2011-2013)
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  • Political Science
  • International Journal of Middle East Studies
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The Sound of the Egyptian Subaltern in 2011 Revolutionary Protest Songs
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Egyptian feminist artivism post-2011: Bnt Al Masarwa as new turn?
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