Popular Movements Toward Socialism: Their Unity and Diversity

  title={Popular Movements Toward Socialism: Their Unity and Diversity},
  author={Samir Muhazzab Amin},
  journal={Monthly Review},
  • S. Amin
  • Published 1 June 2014
  • Political Science
  • Monthly Review
The following reflections deal with a permanent and fundamental challenge that has confronted, and continues to confront, all popular movements struggling against capitalism. By this I mean both those of movements whose explicit radical aim is to abolish the system based on private proprietorship over the modern means of production (capital) in order to replace it with a system based on workers’ social proprietorship, and those of movements which, without going so far, involve mobilization… 

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Introduction to Special Issue "Resistance in contesting discursive practices in fragile democracies”.



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1. Introduction 2. The Financial Collapse of Liberal Globalisation 3. Two Paths of Historical Development: The Europe/China Contrast: Origins and Tracks 4. Historical Capitalism: Accumulation through

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