Poppers maculopathy

  title={Poppers maculopathy},
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Cardiac, Vascular, and Renal Drugs
This chapter discusses cardiac, vascular, and renal drugs including drugs used to treat migraine, antianginal drugs, antiarrythmic drugs,antihypertensive drugs, bronchodilators, diuretics, osmotics, peripheral vasodilator, and vasopressors. Expand
Poppers, queer sex and a Canadian crackdown: Examining the experiences of alkyl nitrite use among young sexual minority men.
Poppers play an important role in the experience of sexual pleasure and the ability to reduce harms during anal sex, and the current crackdown restricts access to a safe and regulated supply while creating uncertainty and confusion about poppers use. Expand
Multimodal imaging of poppers maculopathy
The findings suggest that microvascular toxicity at the level of choriocapillaris may act as primary pathogenetic insult in poppers maculopathy. Expand
The prevalence of visual symptoms in poppers users: a global survey
A small, yet significant from a public health perspective, proportion of poppers users have visual symptoms, and clinical correlation is required to determine whether these reported symptoms are due to poppers associated maculopathy, or an alternative cause. Expand
Poppers retinopathy
A 52-year-old man with sudden, bilateral central loss of vision as a result of inhalation of ‘poppers’ was found to have characteristic changes on optical coherence tomography. Expand