Poppers, A New Recreational Drug Craze*

  title={Poppers, A New Recreational Drug Craze*},
  author={S. Israelstam and S. Lambert and G. Oki},
  journal={The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry},
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The study was conducted to obtain information on the recreational use of the vasodilators (RVs) amyl nitrite and butyl nitrite in Toronto. The results of 70 interviews (40 complete) indicate that sniffing these RVs gives a ‘high’ lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes with headache being the most common side effect. None of the more serious side effects mentioned in the literature were reported. RVs are used chiefly in conjunction with sexual activities and dancing. Their use is currently… Expand
Self-Reported Effects of Alkyl Nitrite Use: A Qualitative Study Amongst Targeted Groups
The aim of this research into the social contextual use of nitrites was to provide qualitative data to assist with policy-making decisions and to inform the development of preventative and harm minimisation interventions. Expand
Nitrite inhalants: patterns of abuse in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
It is concluded that the prevalence of nitrite abuse among drug users has not changed as a result of the AIDS epidemic, but such use appears to have decreased within the homosexual community. Expand
Poppers, queer sex and a Canadian crackdown: Examining the experiences of alkyl nitrite use among young sexual minority men.
Poppers play an important role in the experience of sexual pleasure and the ability to reduce harms during anal sex, and the current crackdown restricts access to a safe and regulated supply while creating uncertainty and confusion about poppers use. Expand
‘Poppers’ dermatitis
Two cases of toxic contact dermatitis to ‘poppers’ are reported, one of which involved a 42-year-old man (MSM), who presented with a lesion on his thigh, which had reportedly appeared ‘overnight’. Expand
Toxicity, Immunosuppressive Effects and Carcinogenic Potential of Volatile Nitrites: Possible Relationship to Kaposi's Sarcoma
Nitrites should continue to be considered as a possible cofactor in the etiology of Kaposi's Sarcoma among male homosexuals and possibly those with other manifestations of AIDS. Expand
Use of nitrite inhalants ("poppers") among American youth.
Adolescents who had used nitrite inhalants at least once in their lifetime tend to engage in delinquent activities and report co-occurring multiple drug abuse and mental health problems in the past year. Expand
Volatile nitrites. Use and adverse effects related to the current epidemic of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Prevalence of nitrite use among male homosexuals is very high, and almost every reported case of Kaposi's sarcoma during the past three years includes a history of priorNitrite use. Expand
Substance use and perceived AIDS exposure among homosexual men in Alaska.
Demographic factors drug and alcohol use, and number of sex partners were examined to predict perceived risk of \IDS exposure Data came from a survey of 323 homosexual men in Alaska Nitrite use wasExpand
Epidemiology of inhalant abuse : an update
This publication consists of papers and discussion focusing on factors relating to a multi-year increase in inhalant abuse among high ,school seniors. Expand
The Amyl Nitrite Expectancy Questionnaire for Men who have Sex with Men (AEQ-MSM): A Measure of Substance-Related Beliefs
A measure of perceived reinforcement associated with amyl nitrite was developed and evaluated among gay and bisexual men and demonstrated good psychometric properties and was associated with consumption patterns. Expand


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