Poor prophylactic lithium response due to antidepressants.

  title={Poor prophylactic lithium response due to antidepressants.},
  author={D Reginaldi and Leonardo Tondo and Gianluca Floris and A Pignatelli and A Kukopulos},
  journal={International pharmacopsychiatry},
  volume={16 2},
50 manic-depressive patients with rapid cycles received lithium for more than 1 year, during depression they received antidepressant drugs. Response was poor in 36, partial in 6, and good in 8. 21 of the poor responders were persuaded to endure depression without antidepressants; anxiolytics were allowed, 15 stabilized after the end of the untreated depression or after a few milder, shorter episodes; 4 improved partially; 2 were unchanged. 15 other rapid cycle patients started on lithium and… CONTINUE READING