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Poor posture and its causes

  title={Poor posture and its causes},
  author={B. Kumar},
  journal={International journal of physical education, sports and health},
  • B. Kumar
  • Published 2016
  • Medicine
  • International journal of physical education, sports and health
A good posture is one which requires a minimum expenditure of energy for the maintenance of good alignment, whereas utilization of excess energy and effort indicate poor posture. Good posture permits mechanically efficient functioning of joints wherein friction in the joints is minimized, tensions of opposing ligaments are balanced, and pressures within the joints are equalized, requiring minimum wear and tear of the joints. A posture can be said to be good if it fulfills the purpose with… Expand
Evaluation of the Ergonomic Properties of Seats in Two Selected Faculties of Nigerian University
Background: The pattern of various seat differs in many ways, however, the ergonomic design of chairs ensures proper weight distribution of the occupant. Therefore, for classroom furniture to performExpand
Prevalence of Upper Cross Syndrome in Laundry Workers
There is a significant prevalence of upper crossed syndrome in laundry workers, and neck pain presents as the main symptom, and these patients also present with forward head-and-neck posture. Expand


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