Pooling analysis of genetic data: the association of leptin receptor (LEPR) polymorphisms with variables related to human adiposity.

  title={Pooling analysis of genetic data: the association of leptin receptor (LEPR) polymorphisms with variables related to human adiposity.},
  author={Moonseong Heo and Rudolph L. Leibel and Bert B Boyer and Wendy K Chung and Markku Koulu and Matti K. Karvonen and Ullamari Pesonen and Aila M. Rissanen and Markku Laakso and Matti Uusitupa and Y C Chagnon and Claude Bouchard and Patricia A. Donohoue and Trudy L. Burns and Alan R. Shuldiner and Kristi Silver and Ross E. Andersen and Oluf Pedersen and S Echwald and Thorkild I A S\orensen and Philip S Behn and M. Alan Permutt and Kevin B. Jacobs and Robert C. Elston and Daniel J. Hoffman and David B. Allison},
  volume={159 3},
Analysis of raw pooled data from distinct studies of a single question generates a single statistical conclusion with greater power and precision than conventional metaanalysis based on within-study estimates. However, conducting analyses with pooled genetic data, in particular, is a daunting task that raises important statistical issues. In the process of analyzing data pooled from nine studies on the human leptin receptor (LEPR) gene for the association of three alleles (K109R, Q223R, and… CONTINUE READING
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