Pooled analysis of recent studies on magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia

  title={Pooled analysis of recent studies on magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia},
  author={Leeka Kheifets and Anders Ahlbom and Catherine M. Crespi and Gerald Draper and Jun Hagihara and Raymond M. Lowenthal and Gabor Mezei and Sona Oksuzyan and Joachim Sch{\"u}z and Jordan W. Swanson and Andr{\'e}s Tittarelli and Marco Vinceti and Victor Wunsch Filho},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
Background:Previous pooled analyses have reported an association between magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia. We present a pooled analysis based on primary data from studies on residential magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia published after 2000.Methods:Seven studies with a total of 10 865 cases and 12 853 controls were included. The main analysis focused on 24-h magnetic field measurements or calculated fields in residences.Results:In the combined results, risk increased with increase… CONTINUE READING
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