Pontryagin duality in the class of precompact Abelian groups and the Baire property

  title={Pontryagin duality in the class of precompact Abelian groups and the Baire property},
  author={Montserrat Bruguera and M. Tkachenko},
  journal={Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra},
We present a wide class of reflexive, precompact, non-compact, Abelian topological groups G determined by three requirements. They must have the Baire property, satisfy the open refinement condition, and contain no infinite compact subsets. This combination of properties guarantees that all compact subsets of the dual group G∧ are finite. We also show that many (non-reflexive) precompact Abelian groups are quotients of reflexive precompact Abelian groups. This includes all precompact almost… Expand
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