Polyurethane-Based Modular Series Elastic Upgrade to a Robotics Actuator

  title={Polyurethane-Based Modular Series Elastic Upgrade to a Robotics Actuator},
  author={Leandro Tom{\'e} Martins and Christopher Tatsch and Eduardo Henrique Maciel and Renato Ventura Bayan Henriques and Reinhard Gerndt and Rodrigo da Silva Guerra},
This article extends previous work, presenting a novel polyurethane based compliant spring system designed to be attached to a conventional robotics servo motor, turning it into a series elastic actuator SEA. The new system is composed by only two mechanical parts: a torsional polyurethane spring and a round aluminum support for link attachment. The polyurethane spring, had its design derived from a iterative FEM-based optimization process. We present also some system identification and… 

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Design of a Modular Series Elastic Upgrade to a Robotics Actuator

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The ServoSEA is presented, which is a miniature Series-Elastic Actuator (SEA) based on cheap RC servos, and which is useful for actuation of orthotic, prosthetic or robotic hands and final performance strongly depends on the quality of the original RC servo.

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Industrial robots have found great potential in applications to assembly‐line automation. Programmable robot‐based assembly systems are often needed, in particular for circumstances in which special

Pulling open doors and drawers: Coordinating an omni-directional base and a compliant arm with Equilibrium Point control

  • Advait JainC. Kemp
  • Economics
    2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 2010
It is demonstrated that EPC can enable a robot in a fixed position to robustly pull open a variety of doors and drawers, and infer their kinematics without detailed prior models.

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