• Chemistry
  • Published 2014

Polyurea hand, their preparation and use

  title={Polyurea hand, their preparation and use},
  author={彭瑞 and 姜鹏波 and 李同信 and 史立彤 and 蓝晨},
The present invention provides a hand-polyurea, their preparation and use. Hand polyurea comprising the components of the present invention the following weight ratio General: A component: 20 to 70 parts of aromatic isocyanates; hindered amino compound 5-60 parts; 20-85 parts of a polyether polyol; propyl carbonate reactive diluent ester 1-5 parts; component B: 48-93 parts of a sterically hindered amino compound; 5-50 parts filler; auxiliary parts 2-4; 1-3 parts pigment; mass ratio of a… CONTINUE READING