Polyunsaturated fatty acids in depression

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Glyphosate-Based Herbicide Toxicophenomics in Marine Diatoms: Impacts on Primary Production and Physiological Fitness
Glyphosate is the main active component of the commercial formulation Roundup®, the most widely used chemical herbicide worldwide. However, its potential high toxicity to the environment and
Investigation of the impact of in-ovo injection of omega-3 fatty acids on hatchability and some physiological and histological parameters of the developing chick embryos and newly hatched chicks found it to cause enhancement in hatchability, body weight, total antioxidant capacity of hepatic and brain tissues and some of the physiological aspects during embryonic development and at hatch.
Effect of microalgae or fish oil supplementation on nursery piglet health
Despite the lack of maternal effects on the serum cytokine response, changes in male offspring adrenal transcriptome suggest that maternal treatments can influence lipid metabolism, steroidogenesis and immune response in the offspring.
Role of Omega-3 in the improvement of productive and reproductive performance of New Zealand White female rabbits
Omega-3 increased alanine aminotransferase (ALT) activity in does during pregnancy and suckling periods while omega-3 decreased significantly total lipids, triglycerides and total cholesterol concentrations compared with their concentrations in control rabbits.
Stillbirth risk on fat-1 transgenic foetus of sheep caused by deregulated DNA methylation of imprinted genes
It is suggested that the stillbirth risk factors on sheep foetus with exogenous gene fat-1 should be focused on abnormal development that probably caused by deregulated methylation status of imprinted genes, and the de regulated methylation may be driven by conflicting and overlapped bio-function between exogenous genes and imprinting genes, rather than extrinsic source of gene.
Curcuma longa (Theracumin®): A Bioavailable Form of Curcumin and Its Cognitive Benefits
As human life expectancy increases, there is a corresponding increase in the incidence of chronic diseases such as dementia, a known precursor to dementia.
Therapeutic Lifestyle Considerations for Optimum Health.
Therapeutic lifestyle considerations (TLCs) involve the application of healthy lifestyle guidelines that can be controlled and modified to prevent or reduce the incidence of chronic disease states.
Integrative Neuronutritional Therapy Metabolic Brain Parameters in Mental Health.
According to the World “Integrative neuronutritional therapy is an emerging paradigm in the treatment of mental health disorders, which focuses on the relationship between nutrition, brain
The Role of Lipid Biomarkers in Major Depression
There is particular focus on cholesterol (high and low density lipoprotein), omega-3, and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids due to established evidence in the literature of a link between atherosclerotic disease and major depression.
Recent Advances in Microalgal Biotechnology
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α‐Linolenic Acid Dietary Deficiency Alters Age‐Related Changes of Dopaminergic and Serotoninergic Neurotransmission in the Rat Frontal Cortex
The results suggest that a chronically α‐linolenic‐deficient diet specifically affects the monoaminergic systems in the frontal cortex, and that age-related variations in these systems showed specific age‐related variations but regardless of the diet.
Antioxidants in Nutrition, Health, and Disease
i) Oxygen, the breath of life or oxygen, the first toxic oxidizing air pollutant ii) Metals and oxygen: Respiration, oxidation, and oxygen toxicity iii) Antioxidants: elixirs of life or media hype v)
Effects of Intravenous ω-3 and ω-6 Fat Emulsion on Cytokine Production and Delayed Type Hypersensitivity in Burned Rats Receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition
Omega-3 fat emulsion reduced IL-8 and IL-10 levels and prevented immunosuppression in burned rats that were receiving TPN, and increased serum inflammatory cytokine levels in a stressed state.
Modern nutrition in health and disease
The concept of nutrition as a clinical subject has reached maturity and is well presented in an excellent book edited by two prominent nutritionists, Drs.
Immunodeficiency in Old Age1
There is evidence that the finely tuned balance between the transport of cholesterol to and from lymphoid cells via the environment and the intracellular cholesterol biosynthesis seems to be disturbed with increasing age.
Lower serum high‐density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL‐C) in major depression and in depressed men with serious suicidal attempts: relationship with immune‐inflammatory markers
Lower serum HDL‐C levels are probably induced by the immune/inflammatory response in depression and there is impairment of reverse cholesterol transport from the body tissues to the liver.