Polyunsaturated fatty acids and their effects on cardiovascular disease.

  title={Polyunsaturated fatty acids and their effects on cardiovascular disease.},
  author={Bradley P. Ander and Chantal M C Dupasquier and Michele A Prociuk and Grant N Pierce},
  journal={Experimental and clinical cardiology},
  volume={8 4},
Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) affect a wide variety of physiological processes. Much attention has been given to the n-3 PUFAs and their role in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, stemming from evidence obtained through a number of epidemiological studies and clinical trials. Investigators are now focused on elucidating the pathways and mechanisms for the biological action of n-3 PUFAs. Dietary intervention is recognized as a key measure in patient therapy and… CONTINUE READING
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