Polysaccharides synthesized by micro-organisms: The molecular constitution of luteose.

  title={Polysaccharides synthesized by micro-organisms: The molecular constitution of luteose.},
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β-Glucan phosphorylases in carbohydrate synthesis
An overview of the progress that has been made in the understanding of β- glucan and associated β-glucobiose phosphorylases is presented, with a special focus on their application in the synthesis of carbohydrates and related molecules.
Morphology and Physiology of Penicillium and Acremonium
Both Penicillium and Acremonium ( = Cephalosporium) are common and widespread in soil; they are particularly associated with senescent and dead plant material, so that the majority of floristic
Galactofuranosyl-Containing Lipoglycopeptide in Penicillium
The glycopeptide may be the major polysaccharide-containing substance secreted prior to general lysis of the fungus, and may be common constituents of many genera of fungi.
Exocellular, microbial polysaccharides.
  • P. Sandford
  • Biology
    Advances in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry
  • 1979
Vermicillin, a new metabolite from Penicillium vermiculatum inhibiting tumor cells in vitro.
In addition to the small amount of already known antibiotics, a new antibiotic which is named vermicillin is produced on a modified CZAPEK-Dox medium and inhibits the utilization of 14C-labelled precursors of nucleic acid synthesis, i.e. adenine, uridine, thymidine, and those of protein synthesis.