Polysaccharide lyases: recent developments as biotechnological tools.

  title={Polysaccharide lyases: recent developments as biotechnological tools.},
  author={Philippe Michaud and Ana Fl{\'a}via Dias Vieira da Costa and B. Courtois and Josiane Courtois},
  journal={Critical reviews in biotechnology},
  volume={23 4},
Polysaccharide lyases, which are polysaccharide cleavage enzymes, act mainly on anionic polysaccharides. Produced by prokaryote and eukaryote organisms, these enzymes degrade (1,4) glycosidic bond by a beta elimination mechanism and have unsaturated oligosaccharides as major products. New polysaccharides are cleaved only by their specific polysaccharide lyases. From anionic polysaccharides controlled degradations, various biotechnological applications were investigated. This review catalogues… CONTINUE READING

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