Polysaccharide-block-polypeptide copolymer vesicles: towards synthetic viral capsids.

  title={Polysaccharide-block-polypeptide copolymer vesicles: towards synthetic viral capsids.},
  author={Christophe Schatz and St{\'e}phanie Louguet and Jean-François Le Meins and S{\'e}bastien Lecommandoux},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={48 14},
Natural inspiration: Amphiphilic polysaccharide-block-polypeptide copolymers were synthesized by click chemistry from dextran end-functionalized with an alkyne group and poly(gamma-benzyl L-glutamate) end-functionalized with an azide group. The ability of these copolymers to self-assemble into small vesicles (see picture) suggests the possibility of a new generation of drug- and gene-delivery systems whose structure mimics that of viruses. 


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