Polysaccharide-based micro/nanocarriers for oral colon-targeted drug delivery.

  title={Polysaccharide-based micro/nanocarriers for oral colon-targeted drug delivery.},
  author={Lin Zhang and Yuan Hua Sang and Jing Feng and Zhaoming Li and Aili Zhao},
  journal={Journal of drug targeting},
  volume={24 7},
Oral colon-targeted drug delivery has attracted many researchers because of its distinct advantages of increasing the bioavailability of the drug at the target site and reducing the side effects. Polysaccharides that are precisely activated by the physiological environment of the colon hold greater promise for colon targeting. Considerable research efforts have been directed towards developing polysaccharide-based micro/nanocarriers. Types of polysaccharides for colon targeting and in vitro/in… CONTINUE READING
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