Polyploidy in an Amphimictic Population of Heterodera glycines.

  title={Polyploidy in an Amphimictic Population of Heterodera glycines.},
  author={Apostolos Triantaphyllou and Robert D. Riggs},
  journal={Journal of nematology},
  volume={11 4},
A tetraploid single-cyst isolate of Heterodera glycines from a field population from Indiana has been propagated in the greenhouse on Lee soybeans since its discovery, in 1973. The tetraploid isolate has n = 18 chromosomes, compared with n = 9 of the diploid H. glycines; it has larger cysts and larvae, but shows the same level of parasitism and host range as the diploid population from which it apparently evolved. Association of chromosomes is irregular at metaphase I, with quadrivalents… CONTINUE READING

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