Polyploidy and liver proliferation: central role of insulin signaling.

  title={Polyploidy and liver proliferation: central role of insulin signaling.},
  author={S{\'e}verine Celton-Morizur and Gr{\'e}gory Merlen and Dominique Couton and Chantal Desdouets},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={9 3},
The formation of polyploid cells is part of the developmental program in several tissues. Polyploidy is a characteristic feature of mammalian hepatocytes and it is emerging that this process is an important mechanism of restricting liver growth. We previously demonstrated that during post-natal development, binucleated tetraploid hepatocytes arise due to a failure in cytokinesis. The genesis of such binucleated tetraploid cells is the crucial step for the establishment of liver polyploidization… CONTINUE READING

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