Polyphyly of true branching cyanobacteria (Stigonematales).

  title={Polyphyly of true branching cyanobacteria (Stigonematales).},
  author={Muriel Gugger and Lucien Hoffmann},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={54 Pt 2},
Cyanobacteria with true branching are classified in Subsection V (formerly order Stigonematales) in the phylum CYANOBACTERIA: They exhibit a high degree of morphological complexity and are known from particular biotopes. Only a few stigonematalean morphotypes have been cultured, and therefore the high variability of morphotypes found in nature is under-represented in culture. Axenic cultures of Chlorogloeopsis and Fischerella sensu Rippka et al. were, to date, the only representatives of this… CONTINUE READING
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