Polyphosphate: a link between platelets, coagulation and inflammation.

  title={Polyphosphate: a link between platelets, coagulation and inflammation.},
  author={James H Morrissey},
  journal={International journal of hematology},
  volume={95 4},
Inorganic polyphosphate (polyP) is abundant in biological organisms. PolyP is a major component of dense granules of human platelets and is secreted upon platelet activation. Studies from our lab and others have shown that polyP is a potent modulator of the blood clotting cascade, acting as a pro-hemostatic, prothrombotic and proinflammatory agent depending on its polymer size and location. PolyP may represent at least one of the long-sought (patho)physiologic activators of the contact pathway… CONTINUE READING

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