Polyphenols, astringency and proline-rich proteins.

  title={Polyphenols, astringency and proline-rich proteins.},
  author={Greg Luck and Hui-Fen Liao and N S Murray and Hans Grimmer and E E Warminski and Michael P Williamson and Terence H Lilley and Edwin Haslam},
  volume={37 2},
Recent, NMR and precipitation, studies of molecular recognition of proline-rich proteins and peptides by plant polyphenols are described and rationalized. The action of polysaccharides and caseins in the moderation of the astringent response, which is engendered by polyphenols present in foodstuffs and beverages, is described. The possible influence of plant cell wall glycoproteins on the process of lignification is discussed in the light of the observed affinity of phenolic substrates for… CONTINUE READING

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