Polyphenol control of cell spreading on glycoprotein substrata.

  title={Polyphenol control of cell spreading on glycoprotein substrata.},
  author={James McColl and R{\'o}bert Horv{\'a}th and Amirreza Aref and Lee Larcombe and Iva Chianella and Sarah Morgan and Gleb E. Yakubov and Jeremy J. Ramsden},
  journal={Journal of biomaterials science. Polymer edition},
  volume={20 5-6},
Cell-surface contacts are vital for many eukaryotic cells. The surface provides anchorage (facilitating spreading and proliferation), is involved in sensation, i.e., via mechano-, osmo- and chemoreceptors, and in addition nutrients may also be supplied via vessels adjacent to the basal lamina. Hence, the ability to manipulate the surface characteristics provides a mechanism for directly influencing cell behaviour. Applications such as medical implants and tissue engineering require… CONTINUE READING