Polyphenol and glycoalkaloid contents in potato cultivars grown in Luxembourg.

  title={Polyphenol and glycoalkaloid contents in potato cultivars grown in Luxembourg.},
  author={Hannah Deusser and C{\'e}dric Guignard and Lucien Hoffmann and Dani{\`e}le Evers},
  journal={Food chemistry},
  volume={135 4},
The polyphenol (phenolic acids, flavanols and flavonols) and glycoalkaloid (α-chaconine and α-solanine) contents of potato tubers grown in Luxembourg were analyzed by UPLC-DAD and HPLC-MS/MS separately in peel (approx. 2mm), outer (approx. 1cm) and inner flesh. Polyphenol contents decreased from the peel via the outer to the inner flesh and differed among the cultivars. The cultivars Vitelotte and Luminella had the highest polyphenol contents (5202 and 572 μg/g dry weight (DW) in the outer… CONTINUE READING

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