Polyphasic approach to the characterisation of marine luminous bacteria.

  title={Polyphasic approach to the characterisation of marine luminous bacteria.},
  author={Daniela Caccamo and Francescopaolo Di Cello and Renato Fani and Concetta Gugliandolo and T. Maugeri},
  journal={Research in microbiology},
  volume={150 3},
Fifteen luminous bacterial strains were isolated from the Tyrrhenian Sea coastal waters off northeastern Sicily and characterised by a combination of phenotypic and molecular tests in order to identify them and to determine their intraspecific genetic variability. Five luminous type strains, Vibrio splendidus NCIMB 1, V. harveyi NCIMB 1280, V. fischeri NCIMB 1281, V. orientalis NCIMB 2195 and Photobacterium leiognathi NCIMB 2193, were used as reference. On the basis of their phenotypic… CONTINUE READING