Polynuclear platinum phosphanido/phosphinito complexes: formation of P-O and P-O-P bonds through reductive coupling processes.


A mixture of the asymmetric complexes of formula [(RF)2Pt(μ-Ph2PO)(μ-PPh2)Pt(μ-PPh2)2Pt(solv)(solv')] [(1-(solv)(solv')] (solv, solv' = acetone, H2O, CH3CN) has been prepared by reaction of [(RF)2Pt(II)(μ-PPh2)2Pt(II)(μ-PPh2)2Pt(II)(NCCH3)2] with AgClO4 in CH3CN/acetone. The lability of the Pt-solvent bonds allows the displacement of the coordinated solvent… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c5dt02593a


16 Figures and Tables