Polynomial search

  title={Polynomial search},
  author={Ben Shneiderman},
  journal={Software: Practice and Experience},
  • B. Shneiderman
  • Published 1973
  • Computer Science
  • Software: Practice and Experience
By plotting the key value against the record position in a sorted file and then fitting a least squares polynomial through the points, a fast retrieval technique is determined. The target key of a search is inserted in the polynomial and the first access from the file is made on the basis of the evaluation. Since the maximum deviation can be determined, an efficient local search can be made. If the maximum deviation is less than half the size of the file, polynomial searching is more efficient… Expand
Hierarchic Index Sequential Search with Optimal Variable Block Size and Its Minimal Expected Number of Comparisons
  • W. Janko
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1979
A multilevel and variable size index design strategy is developed which minimizes the expected number of comparisons and its performance is evaluated in dependence of the number of levels for unsuccessful and successful search. Expand
Jump searching: a fast sequential search technique
Variants of the classic jump searching scheme where the optimum jump size is the square root of the number of records are explored and performance is evaluated. Expand
Bibliography on data base structures
The author constructed this bibliography while working on his doctoral thesis, "Data Structures: Description, Manipulation and Evaluation," and is now an assistant professor of computer science at Indiana University and is pursuing research on data base design. Expand
A Survey of File Organizations and Performance
The importance of information systems in today’s society is well recognized, and their users may vary from government executives and army generals to bank tellers and library patrons, but they all have at least two common goals. Expand
KarsTS: an R package for microclimate time series analysis
An overview of KarsTS functionality is introduced and its potential is shown through some practical application examples on four-year time series of temperature from the Rull cave (Spain). Expand
History of the Icon programming language
The motivation, design philosophy, and environmental factors that shaped Icon are emphasized in this paper. Expand
Batched Interpolation Search
Deux variations de cette methode sont proposees et une etude comparative est presente, dans le cadre de la recherche par interpolation de l'Étude comparative. Expand
Quantum Algorithm Animator
The water needs of this region have changed in recent years from being primarily for agricultural purposes to domestic and industrial uses now, and in the past they had been for agricultural and industrial reasons. Expand
Σχεδίαση και ανάλυση αλγορίθμων


Full table quadratic searching for scatter storage
  • A. C. Day
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • CACM
  • 1970
A search method is presented which is computationally simple, has all the advantages of the quadratic search, and yet accesses all the table in one sweep. Expand
Note on Random Addressing Techniques
Formulas are derived for the average number of record references required to retrieve a record from a file (a) in case the records are loaded without regard for relative frequency of reference andExpand
Analysis of a file addressing method
A new file addressing method based on the calculation of an address from the identification of a record, which seems to be more advantageous than customary ones for large recirculating type files. Expand
Programming Technique: An improved hash code for scatter storage
A new hash coding method is presented that, besides being very simple and as fast as the best known methods, allows the table size to be almost any prime number. Expand
File Organization and Addressing
The principal approaches to random-access file organization and addressing are reviewed and the relation between sorting and random- access file addressing is clarified by viewing both as belonging to a common class of ordering operations. Expand
Addressing for Random-Access Storage
Estimates are made of the amount of searching required for the exact location of a record in several types of storage systems, including the index-table method of addressing and the sorted-fileExpand
Addressing for Random-Access Storage with Multiple Bucket Capacities
Search-time probabilities are obtained for records stored in a random-access storage using a modified open-addressing system first introduced by Schay and Spruth. Expand
File structures using hashing functions
A general method of file structuring is proposed which uses a hashing function to define tree structure, and results for the probability distributions of path lengths are derived and illustrated. Expand
Space/time trade-offs in hash coding with allowable errors
Analysis of the paradigm problem demonstrates that allowing a small number of test messages to be falsely identified as members of the given set will permit a much smaller hash area to be used without increasing reject time. Expand
Analysis of the Address Assignment Problem for Clustered Keys
The occurrence pattern of clusterings of keys is analyzed by use of the generating function. Probabilities of occurrences of several clustered patterns are given as the coefficients of generatingExpand