Polynomial Multiplication over Binary Fields Using Charlier Polynomial Representation with Low Space Complexity

  title={Polynomial Multiplication over Binary Fields Using Charlier Polynomial Representation with Low Space Complexity},
  author={Sedat Akleylek and Murat Cenk and Ferruh {\"O}zbudak},
  booktitle={International Conference on Cryptology in India},
In this paper, we give a new way to represent certain finite fields GF(2 n ). This representation is based on Charlier polynomials. We show that multiplication in Charlier polynomial representation can be performed with subquadratic space complexity. One can obtain binomial or trinomial irreducible polynomials in Charlier polynomial representation which allows us faster modular reduction over binary fields when there is no desirable such low weight irreducible polynomial in other… 

A survey of some recent bit-parallel GF(2n) multipliers

  • H. FanM. Hasan
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Finite Fields Their Appl.
  • 2015

Free storage basis conversion over finite fields

This paper constructs transition matrices that are of a special form that provides free storage basis conversion algorithms between normal and polynomial bases, which is crucial from the implementation point of view.

Efficient Bit-parallel Multiplication with Subquadratic Space Complexity in Binary Extension Field

A new algorithm to find the best combination of selected methods through comprehensive search for constructing polynomial multiplication over GF (2) is proposed and optimized multiplication architectures over NIST recommended fields generated from the proposed algorithm are presented and analyzed.

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Sheffer’s work is about to turn 100 years after its publication. In reporting this important event, we recall some interesting old and recent results, aware of the incompleteness of the wide existing



Subquadratic Space Complexity Multiplication over Binary Fields with Dickson Polynomial Representation

This work expresses the product of two elements as Toeplitz or Hankel matrix vector product which provides a parallel multiplier which is subquadratic in space and logarithmic in time.

A New Approach to Subquadratic Space Complexity Parallel Multipliers for Extended Binary Fields

  • H. FanM. Hasan
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 2007
This work presents a new scheme for subquadratic space complexity parallel multiplication in GF(2n) using the shifted polynomial basis using the Toeplitz matrix-vector products and coordinate transformation techniques, and to the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first time that sub quadraticspace complexity parallel multipliers are proposed for dual, weakly dual, and triangular bases.

Generalizations of the Karatsuba Algorithm for Efficient Implementations

In this work we generalize the classical Karatsuba Algorithm (KA) for polynomial multiplication to (i) polynomials of arbitrary degree and (ii) recursive use. We determine exact complexity

Applications of Finite Fields

The Discrete Logarithm Problem and Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields, and Other Applications.

Topics in Cryptology — CT-RSA 2001

  • D. Naccache
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • 2001
It is shown that there is an efficiently computable isomorphism IFp ∼ = Ker(φ−1 Cl ) in this case, which makes the signature generation about four times as fast as in the original Schnorr scheme.

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An introduction to the theory of finite fields, with emphasis on those aspects that are relevant for applications, especially information theory, algebraic coding theory and cryptology and a chapter on applications within mathematics, such as finite geometries.

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This paper presents an extensive study of the software implementation on workstations of the NIST-recommended elliptic curves over prime fields in C and assembler on a Pentium II 400MHz workstation.

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This book provides a brief and accessible introduction to the theory of finite fields and to some of their many fascinating and practical applications, suitable both for classroom use and for individual study.

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This guide explains the basic mathematics, describes state-of-the-art implementation methods, and presents standardized protocols for public-key encryption, digital signatures, and key establishment, as well as side-channel attacks and countermeasures.