Polymorphs and process of docetaxel

  title={Polymorphs and process of docetaxel},
  author={ニーラカンダン カリアペルマル and セカール ムナスワミー ナリヤム and セルバクマール バララマン and パレ ラガベンドラチャリュルベンカタ},
The present invention relates to a method for preparing crystalline polymorphs and processes for the preparation thereof of docetaxel, the amorphous docetaxel, as well as a process for preparing docetaxel. Certain embodiments of the present invention provides a process for preparing crystalline polymorphic forms of docetaxel, a) process and to provide an organic solvent solution of docetaxel; b) solvent from the solution of a) for the formation of crystals step and to remove; including the… CONTINUE READING

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