Polymorphisms of TNF-alpha and LT-alpha genes in multiple myeloma.

  title={Polymorphisms of TNF-alpha and LT-alpha genes in multiple myeloma.},
  author={Katalin Eszter K{\'a}d{\'a}r and Margit Kov{\'a}cs and Istv{\'a}n Kar{\'a}di and B{\'e}la Melegh and Zsuzsa Pocsai and Gabor Mikala and Attila Tordai and {\'A}gnes Lilla Szil{\'a}gyi and R{\'o}za {\'A}d{\'a}ny and George F{\"u}st and Judit V{\'a}rkonyi},
  journal={Leukemia research},
  volume={32 10},
Allelic distribution of -308 G>A (TNF 1/2) polymorphism of the TNF-alpha, and the +252 A>G promoter polymorphism of the LT-alpha gene, the 1267 A>G polymorphism of the HSP70-2 gene as well as the -429 T>C promoter polymorphism of the RAGE gene were tested in 94 MM cases and 141 controls. Significantly less MM patients than controls carried the TNF2 allele (p=0.018) and the TNF2-LTA 252G haplotype (p=0.025). The difference was, however, restricted to the females, as well as the relatively young… CONTINUE READING