Polymorphisms in FOXO gene family and association analysis with BMI.

  title={Polymorphisms in FOXO gene family and association analysis with BMI.},
  author={J W Kim and Hong Soo Jung and Seong-Wook Bae and Jung Hye Kim and Byung Park and Yoo Hyun Choi and Hye Young Cho and Hyun Sub Cheong and Hyoung Doo Shin},
  volume={14 2},
Forkhead transcription factors of the FOXO subfamily are emerging as shared components of pathways that regulate a variety of cellular functions. In an effort to identify genetic polymorphisms in candidate genes to determine associations with BMI, we sequenced all exons of the FOXO genes (FOXO1a, FOXO3a, and FOXO4) and examined their associations with BMI in a Korean population (n = 734). Sixteen polymorphisms were identified in FOXO genes: three in FOXO1a, seven in FOXO3a, and six in FOXO4… CONTINUE READING


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