Polymorphisms associated with the DAZ genes on the human Y chromosome.

  title={Polymorphisms associated with the DAZ genes on the human Y chromosome.},
  author={Yi-Wen Lin and Duyen Anh Doan Thi and Pao-Lin Kuo and Chao-Chin Hsu and Bor-Ding Huang and Yueh-hsiang Yu and Peter H Vogt and Walter Krause and Alberto Ferlin and C Foresta and Thierry Bienvenu and Werner Schempp and Pauline H. Yen},
  volume={86 4},
The human Y chromosome is unique in that it does not engage in pairing and crossing over during meiosis for most of its length. Y chromosome microdeletions, a frequent finding in infertile men, thus occur through intrachromosomal recombination, either within a single chromatid or between sister chromatids. A recently identified polymorphism associated with increased risk for spermatogenic failure, the gr/gr deletion, removes two of the four Deleted in Azoospermia (DAZ) genes in the AZFc region… CONTINUE READING