Polymorphism in iodotris(tri-p-tolylphosphine)silver(I).

  title={Polymorphism in iodotris(tri-p-tolylphosphine)silver(I).},
  author={Gertruida J. S. Venter and Andreas Roodt and Reinout Meijboom},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural science},
  volume={65 Pt 2},
The reaction of silver(I) iodide with tri(p-tolyl)phosphine in MeCN solution in 1:3 molar ratio yields a polymorph of the complex of the formula [AgI{P(4-MeC6H4)3}3], with the Ag atom in a distorted tetrahedral environment. A polymorphic structure of this complex (a) is compared with previously published crystal structures (b), determined at different temperatures. The two polymorphs are compared using r.m.s. overlay calculations as well as half-normal probability plots.