Polymorphism in CC-chemokine ligand 2 associated with tuberculosis in Zambia.

  title={Polymorphism in CC-chemokine ligand 2 associated with tuberculosis in Zambia.},
  author={Patricia C.A.M. Buijtels and Wendy W. J. van de Sande and Shelagh Parkinson and Pieter L.C. Petit and Marianne A. B. van der Sande and Dick van Soolingen and Henri A. Verbrugh and Alex van Belkum},
  journal={The international journal of tuberculosis and lung disease : the official journal of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease},
  volume={12 12},
Polymorphism in various genes that may influence susceptibility to tuberculosis (TB) was examined in 46 TB patients and 119 healthy tuberculin-positive controls in Zambia. The odds of having TB was 2.8-fold higher in carriers of the -2518 AG single-nucleotide polymorphism in the promoter region of the CC-chemokine ligand 2 than in those carrying the homozygous genotype AA (95%CI 1.3-5.5). 

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