Polymorphism complexity and handedness inversion in serum albumin amyloid fibrils.

  title={Polymorphism complexity and handedness inversion in serum albumin amyloid fibrils.},
  author={Ivan A Usov and Jozef Adamcik and Raffaele Mezzenga},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={7 12},
Protein-based amyloid fibrils can show a great variety of polymorphic structures within the same protein precursor, although the origins of these structural homologues remain poorly understood. In this work we investigate the fibrillation of bovine serum albumin--a model globular protein--and we follow the polymorphic evolution by a statistical analysis of high-resolution atomic force microscopy images, complemented, at larger length scales, by concepts based on polymer physics formalism. We… CONTINUE READING
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