Polymerization efficiency of different photocuring units through ceramic discs.

  title={Polymerization efficiency of different photocuring units through ceramic discs.},
  author={Heiki Jung and Karl-Heinz Friedl and Karl-Anton Hiller and Henning Furch and Stefan Bernhart and Gottfried Schmalz},
  journal={Operative dentistry},
  volume={31 1},
This study compared the ability of a variety of light sources and exposure modes to polymerize a dual-cured resin composite through ceramic discs of different thicknesses by depth of cure and Vickers microhardness (VHN). Ceramic specimens (360) (Empress 2 [Ivoclar Vivadent], color 300, diameter 4 mm, height 1 or 2 mm) were prepared and inserted into steel molds according to ISO 4049, after which a dual-cured composite resin luting material (Variolink II [Ivoclar Vivadent]) with and without self… CONTINUE READING

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