Polymeric nanoparticles for siRNA delivery: Production and applications.

  title={Polymeric nanoparticles for siRNA delivery: Production and applications.},
  author={Gennara Cavallaro and Carla Sardo and Emanuela Fabiola Craparo and Barbara Porsio and Gaetano Giammona},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={525 2},
Gene therapy through the use of siRNA and a polymeric carrier are becoming an efficient therapeutic option to conventional pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of deadly diseases, such as cancer, pulmonary, ocular and neurodegenerative diseases. However, several considerations regarding the stability, formulation, and efficacy have to be faced up until these systems could be considered to be a marketable pharmaceutical products for to extend siRNA application to clinical practice. This… CONTINUE READING
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