Polymeric membrane electrodes for monohydrogen phosphate and sulfate.

  title={Polymeric membrane electrodes for monohydrogen phosphate and sulfate.},
  author={Monia Fibbioli and Michel Berger and Franz P. Schmidtchen and Ern{\"o} Pretsch},
  journal={Analytical chemistry},
  volume={72 1},
A zwitterionic bis(guanidinium) ionophore bearing an anionic closo-borane cluster (1) and a dihydrochloride analogue (2) are investigated in polymeric membrane ion-selective electrodes (ISEs). Both compounds have been previously shown to complex and selectively extract oxoanions. By systematic variation of the kind and concentration of the ion-exchanger sites in the membrane, the optimal performance with the so far best sulfate selectivity is found for ISE membranes based on the dihydrochloride… CONTINUE READING

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