Polymeric composites on the basis of Martian ground for building future mars stations

  title={Polymeric composites on the basis of Martian ground for building future mars stations},
  author={Omari V. Mukbaniani and Jimsher N. Aneli and Eliza Markarashvili and M. V. Tarasashvili and N. D. Aleksidze},
  journal={International Journal of Astrobiology},
  pages={155 - 160}
Abstract The colonization of Mars will require obtaining building materials which can be put in place and processed into buildings via various constructive technologies. We tried to use artificial Martian ground – AMG (GEO PAT 11-234 (2015)) and special resins for the preparation of building block prototypes. The composite material has been obtained based on the AMG as filler, epoxy resin (type ED-20) and tetraethoxysilane – TEOS. We have studied strengthening – softening temperatures and water… 
Synthetic biology engineering of biofilms as nanomaterials factories.
  • P. Nguyen
  • Biology
    Biochemical Society transactions
  • 2017
New synthetic biology efforts toward using bacterial biofilms as platforms for the synthesis and secretion of programmable nanomaterials are described, with particular focus on self-assembling functional amyloids found in bacterial bioFilms as re-engineerable modular nanomolecular components.


Microbiological Remediation of Martian Soil for Future Terraformation of the Planet
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